Celebrate Wallingford 2019

Celebrate Wallingford is an annual tradition in our town. As we begin the fall season, our town comes together to celebrate what is best about our community. The businesses, the restaurants, and the people all showcase what they have to offer.

Each year, the Wallingford Wishing Well cooks its famous steak sandwiches. The meat is cooked on site over an open fire, sliced, chopped, and made to order. Everybody agrees, they are the best around!

So, please join us again this year, October 5th and 6th, at the intersection of Center St. and South Main St. Look for the fire pits!

Game Dinner 2017

As most of you know, 2016 was our last year at the Villa Capri. The Mesite family has been wonderful to us for many years, and was a huge part of our tremendous success. However, their help did not end when the Villa Capri closed. They contacted friends and colleagues, and found us a new venue to host or event.

This year will be our first year at a new venue, and we are happy to announce that Fantasia in North Haven will be hosting our 2017 Game Dinner!

Please join us on February 11, 2017 at Fantasia!

404 Washington Ave.
North Haven, CT 06473

Tickets are now available! Get them at the following locations:

Chris Holcomb

Plaza Service Center Inc.
12 N. Plains Ind. Rd.
Wallingford, CT 06492

Chick’s Used Auto Parts
382 N. Cherry St. Ext.
Wallingford, CT 06492

The Results Are In!

After expenses, the 2016 Game Dinner earned the Wallingford Wishing Well $11,673.59!

Thank you so much to the Mesite family who so generously has donated the use of the Villa Capri for so many years!

Thank you to all of our volunteers who work for days, weeks, and months prior to this event to make it possible.

And, most of all, thank you to the community and all those who have supported our cause for years. Thank you to those who come back year after year, donate, buy our merchandise, and further our cause! Without you, this Game Dinner would never happen. All of our work would mean nothing if you did not come to support us.




















Cancer Survivor

The Wallingford Wishing Well was contacted with a family in need. The washing machine died, the only car died, the mom just lost her job and their 7 year old son just had a large brain tumor removed and was going through radiation therapy. Two of our members arrived at their house to interview the family. The child with the brain operation noticed the Wallingford Wishing Well hat which the member was wearing and so he thought he would be granted 3 wishes. His first wish was to be cured of any cancer. It was explained that he must start out with easier wishes and he obliged by wishing for a case of blue Kool-Aid. It was explained that the chemo and treatment left him thirsty and he liked blue Kool-Aid so he was given a Wallingford Wishing Well hat and two cases of blue Kool-Aid were dropped off at the front porch hours later.

After several days WWW received a phone call and his second wish was to be a fireman for a day. With the help of the Wallingford Fire Department, he and his Mom, Dad and younger brother were taken first to the North Farms Fire House. There he and his brother tried on the fire protection gear, sat in a fire truck and met several firemen. Next he was taken to the Central Firehouse and again given a tour of the headquarters. Smiling from ear to ear they all returned to the North Farms Firehouse where pizza and fireman cartoons were shown for all to enjoy
The child resumed a normal life and after 5 years of being cancer free his Mom and Dad threw him a victory party. The two original people from the Wallingford Wishing Well that interviewed the family were invited to the party. When they arrived the cancer survivor was excited with the hope of the third wish. He remembered the Kool-Aid and the Fireman for a day; and with that thought in mind he asked where his third wish wash. The response was “You already received it. Your first wish was to get better and be cancer free. Isn’t that why we are here?”

Follow-up: The young man has graduated from college and continues to live and work in the Wallingford community. He and his family still work and support the WWW and the good deeds they do for neighbors.

None of this would have been possible without the entire community always helping the Wallingford Wishing Well in so many ways it would fill volumes.

Celebrate Wallingford 2015

Despite the freezing temperatures, despite the snow, and despite the rain delay, Celebrate Wallingford 2015 was a HUGE success!

As always, we sold our famous Steak Tip Sandwiches. Our outstanding volunteers arrived early in the morning, fired up our rotisserie pits and began trimming meat. By the time the event began, we had plenty of meat, cooked to perfection over an open fire, and sandwiches began flying out of the tent. By Sunday evening, we had cooked nearly 1,000 lbs. of beef, and raised a ton of money to help families in need this Thanksgiving. Our proceeds will be spent filling the tables of families in our town.

Thank you to everyone that helped, to everyone that supported us by buying a sandwich, and those who supported us with donations!

It was a great success, and we hope to see you all again next year!

A very special thank you to Ray Ross for all of the pictures!

Photo Credit: Ray Ross

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